Vidyarthi Sahayyak Samiti is not only a place for accommodation and meals for the students but it is also a center of rites … an ongoing sacrifice …. it is not a dormitory for the students coming from different levels and areas but a home of other rights … And it is a place that gives warmth to mother’s love … It is a place of renewable energy that fills the wings of those who have left the village and come to the city, who are wandering minded and want to leap into the future with wide eyes ….

Respected Dr. This is the dream of Achutrao Apte Sir and the “committee” of the supernatural nobles who work tirelessly, with a sense of service and dedication to the social commitment that accompanies them … ..
I myself had come to Pune for the first time in 1977 to get admission in College of Engineering (COEP) … I had come to Pune from a village …. but my mind was lingering in the village house … even though my body had entered Pune, my mind was not happy Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. But the mind did not feel anything … Dryness was seen everywhere. Maya, Mamta, where did I not see the moisture … My discomfort was increasing .. I was facing the question of expenses .. I was not interested in studying …
Someone mentioned a glimpse of the Student Support Committee … We came to the small Kaularu office of the committee on Ferguson Road, searching on a bicycle … Respected Patwardhan Sir and Yadavrao Kulkarni Sir were interviewed there … Predictably, he filled out the form from me there … Arrangement of accommodation at very reasonable rates (Rs. 450 term fee and Rs. 45 per month mess) and having to work four hours a week, he said … I decided, this is your Pandharpur !!
There is only one Vithoba in Pandharpur but later I saw that there were many Vithobas here … Maya, affection, loving ones like my parents, my parents met me here … Do it, stay well “, saying, day and night from our verandah, constantly giving support and trust, we were surrounded … He had never taken the place of his father … His enthusiasm, the same struggle, the same reassuring voice even today. It is the same at this age ….
It is not just that I have learned from being in the committee, it has happened, I got a shape, a new outlook on life, a rite of passage … The goal of the committee is “teach and develop” …. There is a difference …. with the foundation and contribution of the ascetics the committee flourished, their legacy is still being managed by the next generation … just as efficiently .. just as efficiently … !!! The question is how many names should be taken and how many are not !!!
The committee is a few miles away from the practical concept of lodging boarding … no, it is wrong to make such comparisons … the committee is a large family … and it is expanding day by day … it makes sense to me and everyone else There is pride … This pride will remain like this till the last moment of life ….. Even after leaving the committee and starting the next journey of life, from time to time, the memory of the committee is awakened on various occasions … The committee is mentioned as a reference and a beacon … The committee has an eternal place in everyone’s heart …. Where the committee is mentioned in someone’s speech, in the news, the ears are pricked, it is spoken in full, the memories are awakened …. Intimacy !!! At the same time, it is proudly stated that “I was also on the committee”. Only this common thread of being in the committee, builds trust in each other …. such a picture seems to be lacking ….
The committee conducts various activities, seminars, personality development, camps, gatherings, changing lifestyles as well as various and multi-purpose programs in line with the ever-modernizing technology. It is of paramount importance in terms of life perfection.
I would like to mention one occasion. In the year 1979, the then Minister of State for Forests, the late Vinayakrao Patil had joined the committee. I heard his conversation with the late Nirmalatai. Yes. Pundalikabheti Pandurang has come !! “Vinayakrao Patil said,” No, no, Pandurangabheti Pundalik has come !!! On my way back from Tapobhumi, I am sure that it will happen !! … and the committee that formed us in the midst of so many greats is even greater !!! … Of course we are just as lucky !!!!

Mr. Uttamrao Nirmal, Retired Executive Engineer, Water Resources Department
Nashik .. Mo. 7276772400
(1977-79 l

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  1. अतिशय सुंदर लेख. मार्मिक वर्णन. विद्यार्थी सहाय्यक समितीच्या कार्याला शत शत प्रणाम आणि वंदन. हा यज्ञ असाच अव्याहत चालू राहू देत हीच ईश्वर चरणी प्रार्थना आणि अनेक शुभेच्छा.

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