Dear Honourable donors and well wishers,

Samiti has been striving for over half a century to transform the lives of rural youth. Every student coming to Samiti is from the low income group. But, he is not merely needy, he is a promising man too. Samiti not only offers lodging  and boarding at nominal rates but also conducts various programmes aimed at developing their personality.

As such, young people have an urge to do something good. However, for that to happen it is necessary to provide a conducive atmosphere , expose them to the concept of social integration and positive thinking, encourage development of constructive attitude and fuel their enthusiasm. That is what creates a new generation, believes Samiti. That has been our experience so far. Of course, all this became possible because of help from donors and well wishers like you. It has been possible for Samiti to achieve this because of transparency in Samiti’s working and the help received from well wishers like you through generations.

We invite you to visit us and see for yourselves the work being done by Samiti.

We would appreciate if you would spread the word among your friends and relatives and, of course, continue to help Samiti yourself.

Manging Trustee

Tushar Ranjankar .

You can help Vidyarthi Sahayyak Samiti as follows :

1. Food Fund – 747 students live in Samiti hostels. It costs Rs. 11,809/- to provide one meal to all of them. You can donate this amount in the memory of your dear ones or on an auspicious occasion. This donation is displayed on Samiti’s notice boards.

2. Guardianship – Samiti incurs total expenditure of Rs. 60,000/- per student in a year. Only 50% of this , i.e. Rs. 30,000/- is collected from students which leaves a deficit of Rs. 30,000/- per student. A Person giving a donation of this amount is called a Guardian. One student meets the Guardian once every month.

3. Food Guardians  – We provide two meals per day per month to a student for Rs. 1,100/- only. This leaves a deficit of Rs. 250/- per student per month. Donors giving a donation of Rs. 3,000/-to help bridge this gap are called Food Guardians.

4. Building Fund –  The number of girls coming to Pune  is steadily increasing. Samiti, therefore , desires to build a new hostel for 300 girls. You can offer donations for naming a room, a hall or for various activities for the students or for new projects.

5. CSR– The government has made it mandatory for companies to donate some portion of their profit for social; work for discharging their social responsibility. Samiti is working in the fields of education, empowerment of girls and emancipation of rural students. Hence companies which come under the purview of this law can give donations to Samiti.

Donations given to Samiti are eligible for tax concession under Sn. 80G of the Income Tax act.

Particulars of Bank accounts for sending donations :

For Indian Residents :

ICICI Bank : A/C No.000501060326

IFSC : ICIC0000039

Branch : Shivajinagar, Pune