Four Hours Work Scheme

Per Day Half Hours Work Scheme

Every student from Samiti hostels is required to allot half an hour everyday ( 4 hours in a week) for Samiti’s work. The work includes cleaning or office work or work in the mess. It inculcates dignity of labour. A record of the work done by each student is maintained and graded.

Earn and Learn Scheme

The Earn and Learn scheme is compulsory and benefits the student by developing self confidence and earning some income. Participation in this scheme also makes the student appreciate dignity of labour apart from acquiring conversational skill, sense of responsibility and practical approach. Working for 1 or 2 hours per day also enables them to earn income which helps their meet monthly expenses thereby reducing the burden on parents.



Nature of Work :

1) Guidelines for Guardians : Give the student assignments as if you are his guardian. Do not treat this as an employment but as a practical training for personality development of the student.

If you notice any shortcomings in the student’s behaviour or work, bring it to his notice and offer appropriate counselling / guidance.

2) Students desire that the experience and guidance received by them should benefit them in development of their personality.

3) The student can be given work of the following nature : Office help; writer; data entry; computer work; bank work; tutions to children in the family; receptionist; reading newspapers or books to you; help to elderly persons; taking old persons for a walk; help in household work; gardening; jobs in social organisations – like planting of trees, distribution of pamphlets, event management, checking answer papers, etc.

4) Please explain the work to the student and supervise it in the beginning.

5) Give one day in a week off depending on mutual convenience.

6) Don’t offer to the student any money (like advance / loan) other than the remuneration for work.

7) Please don’t call the student for longer time or at a time other than agreed to. It may affect his studies.

8) If you make any student as encouragement or increase the payment over what was agreed to, inform Samiti office in writing.

9) There may be a break in the student’s attendance during the Divali and summer vacations or when his examination is on.

10) In case you desire to have a discussion about anything relating to the student’s work, please visit Samiti’s office or contact on telephone between 11am and 4 pm on weekdays.

The Guardian-Ward scheme (Palya-Paalak Yojana)
Samiti students meet the donors who have given donations under the Guardian-Ward scheme at least once a month. They discuss about the student’s studies, family etc. or provide guidance to the student. This helps thy student’s performance. As far as possible, students are attached to donors after considering his / her education and professional background. The idea is to connect a rural home with an urban one.