The admission process for students who have passed the 12th Grade examination starts after they have got admission to a college in Pune. Applications for admission are accepted after the student has read Samiti’s rules and done the paperwork. The student is then interviewed, Admission is granted after verifying his need and the reasons for coming to Pune for college. To start with, admission is granted for one semester, i.e. six months. Fee is charged for this period only. The student’s behaviour is watched during this period and if his participation in the various programmes is of A grade, admission for the second term is readily granted; if it is B grade, the student is admitted on some conditions and if it is C grade, admission for the second term is not granted. Cleaning the hostel premises and toilet blocks is required to be done by students themselves. They are also required to work in the canteen for some time everyday. Students’ participation in management of the hostels is the crux of Samiit’s working.

All students are given an opportunity to participate in the management group and work as heads of Yoga, mess and head of the wing of rooms. The head of Vidyarthi Vikas Kendra assigns these responsibilities to the students. This helps develop leadership qualities in them. Assigning the responsibility of planning various programmes , introducing guest speakers, giving the thanks giving address improves confidence. The realisation that Samiti is able to function only on the strength of financial support from members of the society gives rise to social awareness in them.

 Brochure (2023)

The objective of Vidyarthi Sahayyak Samiti is to offer lodging and boarding facilities at concessional rates to students coming to Pune from rural areas, help develop their personality and sow the seed of entrepreneurship in their mind. In order that students could pursue education without difficulties and to enable them to stand on their own feet through self reliance by offering requisite guidance and assistance, a group of social workers came together and started this mission in 1955 under the leadership of Dr. Achyut Shankar Apte. Now Samiti has 2 hostels for boys and 2 for girls where 747 students are enjoying various facilities . Samiti has also opened a branch at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

Samiti meets its operating expenses from financial assistance from donors and the concessional fees charged to students. Cleanliness, equality and dignity of labour are Samiti’s cardinal principles. The task of moulding students into responsible citizens goes on relentlessly. Admissions to new students are available every year. Admission for subsequent terms is granted after reviewing the behaviour and performance of the student. Admissions are granted to students who have passed the SSC ( 10th grade) examination and desire to go for Diploma, ITI and other courses also. The minimum % of aggregate marks required is 60 %.

Hostel Rules

1. A table and chair, a cot with mattress and bedcover, a cupboard, curtains are provided in each room. Articles like a durrie, bedsheet, dinner tray, file etc. can be provided at concessional rates. The student has to make his own arrangement for a bucket, mug, hangers, lock, etc.

2. Annual income of the parents of the student should be less than Rs. 2.50 lakh. Admission is granted after considering the financial position of the family and the number of dependents in the family.

3. The student and his / her relatives can see the allotted room with prior permission of the rector.

4. The student can go home once in a semester after taking permission. He/she cannot go home every month or weekend.

5. Limited use of mobile phone is allowed in the hostels but not after 10 p.m. since it can cause nuisance to others in the room / hostel.

6. The consent letter, which is a part of the admission form , has to be submitted duly signed. Admission can be cancelled if forgery is noticed.

7. It is mandatory for each student to undergo medical check up in the health centre of the hostel on getting admission.

8. Hostel would not be responsible for articles belonging to the student.

9. Fee is not refunded if admission is cancelled at any stage due to misconduct or leaving the hostel without obtaining clearance.

1. Doing yoga for half an hour everyday , participation in the Earn and Learn scheme and attendance in  programmes in the hostel is compulsory.

2. With the objective of learning good manners and as a part of public relations , each student is attached to a local donor as his guardian whom he/she is required to meet at least once a month.

3. The student has to submit a claim /clearance form and vacate his room and leave the hostel a day after his examination is over.

4. Each student has to work for the hostel for half an hour every day. The work includes cleaning, collection of donations, work in the mess, etc. The record of each student in this regard is reviewed every moth  and counselling provided.

The Mess :

1. It is mandatory to observe the rules of the mess. Outside food or persons are not allowed in the mess.

2. Students have to be in the hostel by dinner time of the mess. In case delay is expected, prior permission of the rector is necessary.

3. Students working in the mess must be regular in attendance. If one needs to take leave, he/she is required to arrange another student as replacement. Non-resident students are required to work in the mess for one hour everyday.

Admissions :

Students seeking admission should read the rules carefully and then pay the form fee of Rs. 100/- on line. They would get an OTP on their mobile phone with which they can  open the link sent to them, fill in the application form for  admission and upload the requisite documents. They would get a message from Samiti on their mobile phone calling them for a personal interview. The student and his parent would be interviewed, the student’s merit and the financial condition of his family is reviewed . Admission fee is to be paid on confirmation of admission. The student should carry the following original documents while appearing for the interview :

• Certificate of the tehsildar or other concerned authority indicating the family’s income. If the parent is employed, latest salary statement / certificate showing all the allowances.

• If the parents own agricultural land, 7/12 or 8/a extract.

• In case the student is from an area affected by drought/ excess rains/ storm and desires concession in the hostel and mess fees, a certificate from the Talathi indicating the extent of damage.

Final decision regarding grant of admission shall rest with Samiti. Admission Fees for Year 2023-24)  Fee for Resident Students !
  Fee for Resident Students
Hostel Fee 1st Term 2nd Term Annual Fee
Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 30,000/-

For Girls : Dr. A.S.Apte Hostel,1182/1/4, Ferguson College Raod, Shivajinagar, Pune 411005. Tel : 020-25533631

For Boys : Lajpatrai Vidyarthi Bhavan, 103 A, Behind Shivaji Hsg. Socy.. Senapati Bapat Road, Pune 411016. Tel: 020-25639330.